Drummondville Mondial des cultures – a heritage event

During the year, Drummondville looks like a place where nothing happens in culture. However, every summer, for a period of ten days, this town about hundred kilometers from Montreal becomes a cultural hub for all of North America. Knowing that a cultural event initiated here and wonderfully conducted every year, won the 2008 National Silver Award Contest Grand Prix du Tourisme Québécois, we understand how much is a good initiative and, above all, how meritorious is the passion.

There 27 years, a small dance group from Drummondville, Mackinaw, organized an event that facilitates the appointment of folk traditions from around the world. After touring Europe, young artists from extracurricular activities have had the idea to maintain contact with dedicated artists, like them, to popular traditions, inviting them home. This was the beginning of what later became the Festival Mondial des Cultures , real window to the authentic folklore from around the world. And authenticity is a fact emphasized because in the avalanche of counterfeit that overwhelms us and gives us a false idea of what the culture of others is, Mondial des cultures is a genuine work of recognition. Only World crop that you can listen tolive the oldest music in the world and watch the dances not only an art form, but the expression of the sensitivity of a people mingled aspirations, sorrows, and its turbulent history. In ethnic stores in major Canadian cities, we have access to biased and highly counterfeit products representing the culture of others. Drummondville offers good variant of this universal culture, folklore, a privileged space that brought together, the primordial times, the sensitivity of the first human communities.

Administrative performance related to the organization of this event, which trigger the human resources and the enthusiasm of the whole community, could be the envy of any major festival. At Drummondville, 27 years train, the team of organizers have perfected an administrative machine oiled by the passion of the inhabitants. Imagine that 2,000 volunteers are always at your services, as more than 500 guests to be transported, housed, fed, in addition to making them feel at home. For older team members, as Lucie Beauregard, it is still difficult to take stock of developments. Initially, the selection was conducted by telephone or video tapes: Now, the Internet solves the difficult task of choosing the best of the best. Then there’s always the unexpected beyond the control of the organizers, as the problem of denied visas, as was the case this year for India and the Ivory Coast, or tickets purchased at the last minute, is the case of Ecuador. Then there are things we keep learning: organizers and guests are still working to the best form of interaction to bring people, faires speak not just through music and dance, but the kitchen also. For those who are not especially attracted to folklore, the festival offers alternatives that appeal equally: artisan shops, tastings, workshops of all kinds, and especially an atmosphere of widespread celebration.

For the edition of this year, after the parade on the first night of the festival and the few samples of music and dance offered in filled streets of Drummondville, our heart will blow for groups of Hungary and Greece. From July 9 to 19, however, you have the opportunity to make your own choice among artists from Mexico, Paraguay, Russia, Serbia, Taiwan, Israel, Canada.