Tribute to Felicia Mihali, writer and editor

I learned with sadness that this number will be the last of TERRA NOVA. I would like, through this article, to honor Felicia Mihali, his editor and designer, for his talent, initiative, creativity, passion and strength! I refer to the author, the publisher and women, all simply! I am fortunate to know a few years and although I do not see her often, I am very proud to have shared a passion with her, writing!

Writer already in his native Romania, she was able to move us with his books, his writings and editorials she wrote every month since the first issue of the magazine For those who do not know, here is a brief summary of his literary trajectory: she published in June 1999 in Bucharest his first book and became widely known and revered both by literary critics and the Romanian public.

The publication of this first novel, The Cheese Country, proved a triumph. Everything afterwards was encouraged to publish two novels: Little History and I, Luke and Chinese within just eight months! The criticism did not hesitate to recognize it as “the writer for the Third Millennium” or “24k talent” among others.Following its success, she decided to settle in Canada, knowing that he will have to change the language to live and adapt to another culture. So our author began to translate into French his novels. Finally, his writings have appeared in the prestigious publishing house XYZ.

In Canada, she began first as a journalist, her home, and despite the difficulties involved, it has not stopped at nothing and launched the journal Terra Nova in 2001, to pay homage to writers, artists, arts and letters. She and her team gave a chance to many passionate (e) s of writing to share with their public opinions on various shows in Montreal, Canada and worldwide. Felicia gave us the opportunity to realize ourselves as journalists, writer (s) or just as large (s) enthusiasts and fans of writing, be it in the field of literature, theater and the arts in general. Early on, she encouraged multilingualism finally make connections between different cultures. I was one of those who were able to write and share with the audience Terra Nova reflections on art in general.

Glory it known in his country has not impressed too and as she puts it: “I appreciate the success, it means I am playing and ultimately the audience likes my books. The success so far is quite dangerous for our mind. Being known and revered, it runs the risk of no longer evolve, to remain frozen in a formula established once and for all. I decided to change everything just to evolve, take my life and my experience from the beginning, learn new things, meet new people and places, it seems necessary for the condition of a creator. I want to know even borderline situations, which alongside humility, poverty. For the greatest danger writer’s pride, superb. Man must periodically receive lessons in humility. Is needed from time to another, being shown fingertip “.

I admire it in its avant-garde, his confidence and strength to not be afraid to start all over again. It remains modest despite his success and publications, she is convinced that although it is still not a great writer, can the making. She’s a very insightful nature and she believes that life is a learning school. Felicia dear, thank you for the opportunity you gave me to write and share with your audience. I wish you much happiness in your new challenges. I am sure that the paths that you will take will be as magnificent and beautiful as those of the Terra Nova project. Through this article, on behalf of my colleagues, I thank you once again. Congratulations again and continue your beautiful road!